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Update 2012

Dapple is based upon NASA World Wind project, specifically the World Wind .NET . NASA moved to a Java Based World Wind in 2006 and ceased further development of the .NET version. Geosoft continued to support the Dapple open source effort, however recent decisions by NASA to remove the BlueMarble image that Dapple was accessing as a base layer, plus the direction Microsoft has taken with .NET and Direct X has made the Dapple project direction unsustainable. For this reason Geosoft has decided to stop supporting the Dapple Open Source project.


Explore the earth

Dapple makes it easy to find and visualize massive quantities of geoscientific data available on the Internet.

  • Search the Web for spatial data
  • Search internal DAP servers and known Web servers for spatial data
  • View geoscience data, satellite imagery, remote sensing data, geology maps, geophysical data, and many other earth data sets of interest to geoscientists
  • Save an earth view and share your view with colleagues
  • Add new Geosoft DAP, WMS and ArcIMS servers of interest
  • View GeoTIFF files
  • View KML files

Dapple map browser

Software installation

Current Dapple version: 2.1.4 Release Notes

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